The strength of corrugated lies in stacking and containment. However, today it is widely over used in the area of cushioning. The reason for this is large integrated manufacturers of corrugated MUST sell board. By using more suitable materials to cushion (i.e. Honeycomb & FibreCore®) we are able to offer multi-material designs that outperform single material designs in both total cost and performance. Wherever possible, we use special combinations of flute sizes and paper weights to gain performance and reduce cost. Our customers directly benefit from this strategy because it allows us to shift the financial focus to interior packaging where the greatest gain in product protection is achieved. Because we pioneered multi-material packaging design, we know it’s effective, our customers know it ’s effective, and our competition knows it’s effective. In fact, our reputation for “innovative” package design has awarded us enough respect that even the competition calls us to help with their customer’s critical packaging challenges.


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