Molded paper pulp, also referred to as molded fiber, has been used for many years to package eggs, fluorescent light bulbs and fruit. It has been used to package such delicate items because it can be economically molded to the product’s shape. Being relatively soft and flexible, the paper fibers cushions these delicate products by absorbing impact energy. Only recently has molded pulp emerged as the interior packaging of choice for many electronic, consumer, and high volume industrial products. New computer controlled molding equipment permit smaller runs and enable products to be molded to more exact tolerances. Additionally, the requirement for environmentally preferred packaging has fueled molded pulp’s popularity. We use both thin wall (fine paper) and slush molded (stronger long fibers from corrugated) pulp, thus capitalizing on the unique design strengths of each material. Molded pulp is made from both recyclable and recycled paper.


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