Our newest paper pallet is the Pillar Pallet. It is the strong and economical alternative to wood and plastic shipping pallet. Each pallet is made of partially recycled paper fiber (minimum 35%) which makes Pillar Pallets less expensive than either wood or plastic pallets. But that's not the only reason Pillar Pallets save money. Their one-way/one-time design means no expensive back-hauls or storage. Their lighter weight also means lower freight charges, especially on air freight.


Incredibly Strong

  • Although weighing only 3 oz., each individual pillar can hold up to 2,500 pounds of flat compression.


  • Strong Pillar Pallets stand up to LTL carriers better than other paper pallets.

100% Recyclable

  • Contains a minimum average 35% post consumer waste.
  • 100% recyclable, bale with ordinary corrugated waste.
  • Great for shipping overseas.


  • Lower in cost to manufacture.
  • No expensive back hauls or storage as with returnable pallets.
  • Lighter weight means lower truck and air freight charges.
             ISPM 15 Exempt

  • No special treatment required.
  • Satisfies all export standards.

Custom Sizes

  • Made in various sizes and shapes customized to your application.
  • Made with various top and bottom decks.
  • Pallets can have any number of pillars to support your specific product.

1/4 & 1/2 Pallets Available

  • Perfect for POP Displays.
  • No breaking down of pallets in cross-docking situations.

4-Way Entry

  • Designed for forklifts, pallet jacks, or slip sheet push/pull attachments.
  • Accessible from all four sides
             Safer to Handle

  • Lightweight, easier to move.
  • No nails or splinters to harm employees hands.
  • Three times lighter than traditional shipping pallets.

End of Aisle Displays

  • Use at retailers or supermarkets.
  • Dramatically reduce retail stacking and labor.

Load Friendly

  • Gentle on your products.
  • Offers a soft ride in transit reducing damage.
  • Top deck surface, flat and smooth, no openings or holes.
  • No nails or splinters to puncture, damage or contaminate your product.

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