UN Certified Packaging for Paint and Other Packaging Group II Materials



1-Gallon Shipper


2-Gallon Shipper


4-Gallon Shipper


UN 4G/Y27.2/S/




UN certified packaging for paint and other Packaging Group II materials.

  • Made with sustainable materials.
  • Contains a minimum of 35% recycled materials.
  • Eliminates the need for an expensive lock ring (clips are required).
  • Modular design reduces SKUs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Eliminates damage.


Not currently sold in small quantities (truckload volume only).

Packaging was tested in accordance with the appropriate provisions of Chapter 6, U.N. Orange Book 16th Edition, ICAO, IATA, DOT/CFR 49, and IMDG Volume IV.  The use of other packaging methods or components different from those listed in test report 10-09-05  under certification number +AI 3026 renders this certification NULL AND VOID.  Innovative Enterprises, Inc. assumes no responsibility for failure to comply with any and all regulations as pertaining to the shipment of hazardous materials other than the testing as documented in report 10-09-05  under certification number +AI 3026.

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